Blake Shelton was amazed by the thoughtful wedding gifts he received from fans following his marriage to fellow country star Miranda Lambert in May (11).
The pair exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony in Texas and were flooded with presents from devotees.
Shelton reveals they received all kinds of different gifts, from crockery to photo frames, and he was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.
He told reporters at the Cma Music Festival, "It's amazing how many wedding gifts I'm still getting from fans and it's nice stuff, too. It blows me away because I told Miranda, because we don't need it, 'Tell people to send flowers to something or donate money to something'. But people want to celebrate it with you. It's fun for them.
"I haven't gotten anything weird, just really nice gifts, dishes and picture frames and stuff that you go, 'Dangit (sic), I can't believe they are doing that'. It's a pretty good feeling."