Country star Blake Shelton has penned a love advice column for top U.S. women's publication Cosmopolitan.
The Honey Bee hitmaker, who wed country sweetheart Miranda Lambert earlier this year (11), dishes out dating tips and tried-and-trusted ways to woo a guy and win his heart.
He writes, "It strikes a guy when a woman isn't clingy but still lets you know she's with you. It's a balancing act, but I've always liked it when a woman can blend in with my friends and not just sit in the corner."
And he's convinced the best place for a date is a sports bar.
He continues, "Every guy wants the kind of woman who is OK going to a sports bar. Most guys don't feel comfortable with a candlelit dinner. But in a room with fun music playing and a pool table in the corner? That relaxes him."
And Shelton insists continuing to impress a partner is important in a relationship: "Men and women should use whatever they've got to continue to impress the other person. I'd always pull out my guitar and play a song. Women should show off their talents too."