Blake Shelton was planning to quit 'The Voice' USA to start a family with Miranda Lambert.

The 39-year-old mentor, who finalised his divorce from the 31-year-old singer earlier this week, was reportedly ready to give up his role on the NBC series to enable them to spend more time together just weeks before they split.

A source said: ''He was ready to leave 'The Voice,' come home and settle down. He told Miranda that he would give that up for her to start a family.''

But the blonde beauty wasn't quite ready to take a step back from her own career to focus on having a baby.

The insider said: ''They split over kids - he wanted them and she didn't. Blake was dying to start a family, but she kept putting it off and coming up with excuses. Kids were the main issue.

''Her career took off huge after they were married. She wasn't ready to settle down.''

A second source told Us Weekly: ''She didn't want to stay home and be a wife and a mom yet, but Blake didn't want to be an old father.''

The duo allegedly agreed to have children within five years when they got married in 2011, but the source added: ''Miranda said she'd be ready by now, but she kept pushing it off. Blake had enough.''

Jealousy was also an issue between them amid allegations of cheating and ''distance was a major factor.''

The insider said: ''She would question him at time and ask about certain girls. The rumours were hard for her to hear.''

The pair are both devastated, but friends believe they will pour their hearts out on their next albums, with one adding: ''At least it will make for some incredible music.''