Blake Shelton thinks 2020 ''sucks''.

The 'Voice' coach admitted he's been unimpressed with the events of this year and joked he's turning to alcohol to alleviate the stress of the coronavirus pandemic.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres told Blake via video link: ''I saw you in person at last at the Grammys and we both had high hopes and then we both lost.''

Her guest replied: ''That was that the last time I saw you in person? Oh my gosh, I guess it was because it wasn't long after that that none of us could see each other ever again, right?

''2020 sucks and I refuse to spend another minute sober!''

The 'God's Country' singer recalled how he had to quickly cancel his tour as the pandemic grew in scale, meaning live events could no longer go ahead.

He said: ''We canceled my tour on March 12, like literally as we were building the stage for the production for that day in Omaha, Nebraska.''

Blake's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, was with him at the time as they were working on a music video, but those plans had to change too.

He added: ''We were supposed to be making some footage for a video for our single 'Nobody but You'.

''We had a whole plan, we had a different camera crew out there filming these concerts and we only got to film one.''

Upon the shutdown, the couple headed back to Blake's native Oklahoma, where they stayed until late July and Blake was pleased the No Doubt singer had the opportunity to see the stunning nature in his home state for a prolonged period.

He said: ''She got to be there and actually see it from pretty much winter to spring to summer and see some seasons change.''