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OMG!!! I LOVE Blink 182. They are the best fricken band ever. I hate when peopleare all like "they're like Greenday" cause they'ref**king not. Greenday are s**t and Blink 182 are fantastic. Even if you don't like them you haveto like at least one of their songs. My all time favourite is "Feeling This". Well I think I shoud stfu now lol. Doing this didn't kill as much boredome as I had hoped lol.

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by fall out 182

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blink182 are just one of those band it takes a true music lover to love. not many people i know like them infact only 2 people i know like them and i know alot of people. Ye i'll admit all their songs havent been brilliant but one song made up for all these not so good songs that song was i miss you. i miss you was one of those songs that no other band could have performed and still be alive but blink 182.people think greenday are the best punk-rock their wrong its blink 182. ye greenday are good but they just cant match the performance of this amazing band.

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by eatpie

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