Blink-182 have called for fans to apply to be in their new social distancing-themed music video.

The pop-punk trio - Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba - are to record a clip for their single 'Happy Days', from their eighth studio album 'NINE', and they are planning to include videos of supporters washing their hands, singing, cooking, attempting TikTok dances, or getting up to other activities while at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

They took to Twitter to share a link to an application form, and wrote: ''Are you stuck at home? This is an unprecedented time that's got everyone wishing for happy days, so we had an idea. Let's make a music video to show how you're spending your social distancing time.

''Show us what you're up to - singing, cooking, excessive hand washing, attempting TikTok dances - we want to see it all!! Submit your video clips and we'll use our favorites to make a video for 'Happy Days.' #HappyDays (sic)''

It comes after Mark revealed last month he was planning to self-quarantine for a week due to the coronavirus threat.

The 48-year-old star - who has been married to Skye Everly since 2000 - tweeted: ''My family and I are hunkered down in our house for the next week. We are self-quarantining and canceled all people coming to the house, all meetings and events. No one in, no one out. (sic)''

Mark said he and his family - who include his 17-year-old son Jack - would end their self-quarantine after seven days provided ''no one shows any symptoms''.

His post continued: ''We have another family that we're friends with who are doing the same, and if after this week no one shows any symptoms, we will start hanging out again.

''We have enough groceries to last a while but have not hoarded or stockpiled beyond what we need. It has been one day and already we're at each other's throats and gone to separate rooms.

''This whole thing is scary and unknown. The three of us are thankfully healthy and strong but we have family members who are older and have compromised immune systems. We have dear friends with compromised immune systems.

''There are people we've never met who would not be able to fight the virus, so we are doing our part to slow the spread. The best possible outcome is that nothing happens, which will seem like we vastly overreacted, which is paradoxical, but necessary. Do the best you can, and take care of each other. (sic)''