The recent internet rumours concerning Blink 182’s upcoming tour – namely, that lead singer Tom DeLonge might be about to come back in to the fold – are bogus, apparently.

The rumour mill began yesterday (Thursday October 18th) when drummer Travis Barker shared a picture of DeLonge’s face with the caption “Where are youuuuu” – referencing a lyric from their 2004 hit ‘I Miss You’.

DeLonge then responded “I am the voice inside your yeeeeaaaad”, another lyric from the track.

Instantly, Blink-182 fans took the exchange as a sign that DeLonge, who has been absent from the band since 2015 and who has been replaced by Matt Skiba. However, a source soon revealed that it shouldn’t have been interpreted as evidence of a reunion – just that DeLonge and Barker were still good friends.

An insider told TMZ a few hours later: “Travis and Tom were just trolling each other, and they don’t wanna mislead their fans, who were all just unsuspecting victims for a few hours”.

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DeLonge, since his somewhat acrimonious departure, has since focussed on another of his life-long goals of pursuing UFO research and the possibility of alien life. Unfortunately, it was this week reported that his To The Stars Academy has toted up a $37 million debt in just over a year.

Blink 182Blink 182's Vegas residency resumes later this month

Meanwhile, happier news for Blink 182 fans is that Barker has been cleared by doctors to return to drumming duty, having been sidelined for most of 2018 with medical issues stemming from blood clots being detected in his arms.

That means that Blink 182’s Las Vegas residency, which resumes on October 26th at the Pearl Theater, is back on as usual, after the group was forced to delay and cancel a number of live shows this month as Barker recovered.

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