Blink-182 star Travis Barker feared he'd never finish his new album Give The Drummer Some after surviving a plane crash that killed two friends in 2008.
The rocker was only two songs into the album when the tragedy, which left him injured and burned, occurred.
His debut is now due for release later this month (Mar11) and Barker admits there was a point during his long recovery that he thought the project would never see the light of day.
He tells, "Honestly, I never thought the album would be finished. For a while after my accident, I was just recovering. No one really thought I would be able to play drums after all the surgeries and everything. That was always on my mind.
"Once I was in the studio, it was like, 'I can walk now, I can play the drums still. I have to finish this.'"
Barker underwent 16 surgeries and almost lost his foot as he battled to recover from his injuries.
He adds, "It was sketchy, so I came a long way. And mentally I was a basket case.
"It was a big amount of time to get off of 20 medications that they had me on, and then physically getting in shape. It was heavy."