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6th September 2015

Fact: Alkaline Trio's guitarist MATT SKIBA will be part of Blink-182's new album, Mark Hoppus has confirmed. In a post on on Tuesday (02Sep15), a studio photo of Skiba appeared, followed by an image of with the words "Blink-182 2015" scrawled on it. The confirmation that Skiba will be joining the rockers comes as former Blink frontman Tom DeLonge revealed the band will always be part of his life. The trio split in January this year (15) after a bitter fall-out.

2nd September 2015

Quote: "I'm totally willing and interested in playing with those guys again... I tell people I haven't forgotten anything and I'm grateful for that band and for those guys in my life. And I think about that band every single day of my life - sometimes multiple times a day. I love those guys and I love the band and, yeah, in the future let's play together and figure it out, or whatever. We just need time apart because we all want different things at this time." Former Blink-182 star Tom DeLonge would like to return to the band at some point. The guitarist was kicked out of the group earlier this year (15) after announcing plans to take a hiatus.

27th May 2015

Quote: "We are right now going through what so far has been a friendly divorce with our former guitarist. Hopefully things clear up and it doesn't get all manager-y and lawyer-y and all that and we can move forward." Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus admits his bid to cut former bandmate Tom DeLonge from the group is coming together after an awkward stand-off, which began in January (15), when DeLonge announced plans to take a break from the trio.

12th April 2015

Fact: Rage Against The Machine frontman ZACK DE LA ROCHA and Blink-182's Travis Barker brought a little extra star power to Run The Jewels' Coachella festival set on Saturday night (11Apr15) by joining the duo onstage. De la Rocha performed his verse on Close our Eyes (And Count To F**k), while Barker also joined the rap act.

15th June 2012

Tweet: "Damn, sick as a dog....i hate being sick. Still must rock Manchester tomorrow though." Drummer Travis Barker is feeling ill ahead of Blink 182's gig in England on Friday (15Jun12).

21st March 2012

Fact: Blink-182 star Travis Barker and madcap Muppet Animal are to stage a drum-off on an upcoming episode of late-night U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

1st March 2012

Fact: Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is set to join Cypress Hill onstage for their annual SmokeOut festival in San Bernardino, California this Saturday (03Mar12).

14th January 2011

Quote: "Tom and Mark came to my house a couple of weeks after I got out of the hospital from the plane crash. And immediately it was d**k jokes again. It was just on like a lightbulb. Those jokes have never sounded funnier." Travis Barker's Blink-182 bandmates TOM DeLONGE and Mark Hoppus used juvenile gags to cheer the drummer up after he survived a horrific plane crash in 2008.

24th November 2010

Fact: Reunited rockers Blink-182 are heading back out on the road - they've announced they will undertake their first U.K. stadium tour for five years in 2011.

19th August 2010

Fact: Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has enlisted the help of hip-hop stars including Eminem, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and T.I. for his upcoming solo album, Can The Drummer Get Some, which is due to hit stores this autumn (10).

8th April 2010

Quote: "I always wanted to learn how to play the drums and I started talking about it... and he saw the interview and he said, 'You can't have anybody else teach you,' so I started rocking out with him... It's so difficult... but he makes it really clear to understand." Rihanna on her drumming lessons with Blink-182 star Travis Barker.

15th January 2010

Fact: Rockers Blink-182 have released a special edition t-shirt to help raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake. The shirts, which feature the band's trademark rabbit mascot holding a Haitian flag, are available from the band's official website, All proceeds go to the Red Cross' Haiti appeal.

6th November 2009

Fact: Blink-182 star MARK HOPPUS can add music journalist to his resume after signing on to pen a weekly online blog for America's Spin magazine. Each week the rocker will pick a new act he has discovered and write about them in his Hopp On Pop column.

28th May 2009

Quote: "I was just sitting there with tears in my eyes. I decided that I wanted to play next to Travis when he played drums again." Blink-182 star TOM DeLONGE on the moment he felt inspired to reunite the punk trio after hearing about bandmate Travis Barker's near-fatal plane crash last year (08).

15th May 2009

Fact: Blink-182 will hit the road with Weezer and Fall Out Boy when they return for dates this summer (09).

9th February 2009

Quote: "When you're in a band, you have this unspoken bond. You're kind of family with your boys. We took a break for a little bit. I think when Travis had the event (accident) happen to him it was something that pulled us back together... We always knew it was inevitable." Rocker TOM DeLONGE reveals Blink-182 bandmate Travis Barker's September (08) plane crash helped bring the punk-pop trio back together.

9th February 2009

Quote: "Isn't it great to see the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder back together?" Blink-182 star MARK HOPPUS pokes fun at the Grammy Awards' oddest performance collaboration.

9th February 2009

Quote: "Isn't it great to see the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder back together?" Blink-182 star MARK HOPPUS pokes fun at the Grammy Awards' oddest performance collaboration.

11th July 2007

Quote: "This was definitely the first time I have waited in line for 15 minutes to shop at a 7-Eleven and it was totally worth it." Former Blink-182 star and The Simpsons superfan MARK HOPPUS on visiting the Los Angeles 7-Eleven store which has been turned into a Kwik-E-Mart to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie. Kwik-E-Mart is the name of the fictional convenience store on the cartoon series.

1st November 2006

Quote: "At a concert I said, 'Hey, all you guys out there - I want you to know that my mom gives great head.' I look over and she's pumping her fist in the air going, 'That's me.'" Former Blink-182 star MARK HOPPUS stunned his mother at a concert.

30th October 2006

Quote: "It's different from what I'm doing in a sense, musically it's different and probably what they set out to do. I have much more of a spiritual kind of thing with what I'm doing." TOM DELONGE on the difference between his new band Angels And Airwaves and former Blink 182 members, MARK HOPPUS and Travis Barker's new band +44.

22nd September 2006

Fact: Former Blink-182 star Travis Barker will always have a special reminder of his marriage to estranged wife SHANNA MOAKLER - she bought him his dream car, a 1967 Eldorado.

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