Blondie have been working on new material to keep themselves "sane" during the coronavirus crisis.

The American rock band plan to release their 12th studio album to coincide with their ten-date UK tour in 2021, and drummer Clem Burke has revealed that Debbie Harry started writing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Clem said: "We are working with each other on new material. We wanted to start recording but lockdown stopped that.

"Really we have been creating new music to keep ourselves sane. You can do so much over the internet. We’ve been collaborating around the world. We have a great working relationship."

Clem is excited about the upcoming tour, even though there's still doubt surrounding it going ahead due to the pandemic.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "The tour is called Against All Odds because really it is – we’re trying to stay optimistic that it will happen.

"It’s unbelievable that we’ve not played as a band in the UK in four years. To come back is going to be so meaningful for us. The UK is Blondie’s second home. We can’t wait to return."

Meanwhile, Debbie recently said that announcing the tour during the pandemic was a "sign of positive thinking".

She said: "I miss terribly being in the UK and would really like to tour again and play music. It’s going to be quite a long time before I get to do anything.

"It was a very abrupt transition – there really was no transition. All of sudden it was cut off. I was supposed to get back to work on March 4 and boom, it was gone."