Review of Forget It Single by Blood Orange

From Test Icicles to Lightspeed Champion, there's no denying Devont' Hynes' talent when it comes to making music. He could shred with Test Icicles and he could melt hearts under his Lightspeed Champion moniker, and with the noise he makes under Blood Orange, he somehow manages to mix the two together to make something very interesting indeed.

Blood Orange Forget It Single

From last years Coastal Grooves, 'Forget It' seemed almost lost among the stylish, sparse and atmospheric tracks, anchored down largely by Hynes' guitar work rather than his vocals. As a single, 'Forget It' makes perfect sense, as Dev crafts a beautifully melodic pop track with a too-good-to-ignore bass-line underlining all the good work on the album. The almost oriental sounding guitar-line that comes in at the chorus highlights Hynes' keen ear for a good melody and when that fuzzy guitar solo comes in you can't help but think that if anyone else tried to do something like this they'd fail miserably. It good news that prevails though as it is pulled off exquisitely, giving the song elements of anti-folk that fit in nicely next to the rest of the poppy soundtrack.

Joe Wilde

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