Blue won't be partying on tour when they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The 'One Love' hitmakers are set to hit the road in 2022 for the 'Heart & Soul' tour to mark two decades since the release of their debut album 'All Rise', and they are doing everything they can to make sure they're in tip top shape.

Lee Ryan told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "I don't think we're that kind of band any more. We have different ideas now.

"We want to put on a good show first and, being a bit older now, you can't do the dual thing of partying and putting on a good show."

His bandmate Simon Webbe added: "We've got to see if we can do it physically!"

Meanwhile, they suggested their longevity and passion comes from the fact they all "wanted to be in a boyband" rather than finding themselves chasing solo careers.

Simon added: "What makes us special is each individual wanted to be in a boyband when we got together.

"We didn't want to be solo artists who use bands as [a] stepping stone. We were always mates before we were in a band."

And Antony Costa - who completes the lineup with Duncan James - admitted their focus is on the shows, and their own families.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "This time it will be off stage, rest your voice, get in bed, look after your babies. It's about them now, not about us.

"Twenty years ago we did what we needed to do and got all of that out of our system. Now it's a new era - and that's our kids. Some of our kids haven't seen what we do.

"It's only my little girl who has seen that, and she's 25."

And Duncan said: "There will probably be a creche on the road this time.

"We've got the new generation of Blue coming through - we could set up a girl band."