Blur have joined the thousands of fans who are celebrating the fact that there's a London Underground ticket barrier that squeaks "Woo-Hoo!" every time it opens. Londoner Ritch Ames was the first to notice the barrier's unusually tuneful noise and uploaded a mash-up to YouTube featuring Blur's 'Song 2' cut with the barrier's now world-famous squeak.

Blur Have Given The Thumbs-Up To A Tube Barrier That Makes The "Woo-Hoo" Sound From 'Song 2.'

As the funny video has picked up speed, with nearly 180K views at the time of writing, the amused Britpop band have given their verdict on the similarity between the barrier's noise and their hit's chorus. "Laughing at this....Woo-Hoo!" the band tweeted, sharing an article that reported on what is sure to become a new must-visit destination on the London tourist schedule.

Check Out The Marvel Of The "Woo-Hoo!" Barrier:

The new internet star is located at Canary Wharf's busy Jubilee line underground station and is the fourth barrier from the right, according to Ames, who said that he first noticed the barrier's talent a year ago and remarked that it was "*almost* in the right key " as the 1997 rock song.

"On Tuesday, without knowing it was almost the anniversary of this observation, I seized the opportunity while the Canary Wharf tube was relatively quiet, and cobbled together the video on Tuesday night," Ames told Sky News. "I'm hoping this evening there will be a larger queue for the fourth barrier from the right."

Blur Alex Damon
Will The Barrier Collaborate With Blur On One Of Their Live Dates?

The festival stage manager marvelled at his now viral hit, saying "I knew it was doing well when a colleague at work had it in his Facebook newsfeed only an hour after I'd shown it to him with two views."

Though Transport for London have not yet issued a statement on the matter, it is advised that staff brace themselves before a flood of Blur fans on pilgrimage and giggling tourists making the peace sign flood the business district's station.