Veteran actress Blythe Danner forbids her family from setting her up on dates and is adamant she has no interest in pursuing love after the death of her husband Bruce Paltrow.
The director passed away due to complications from cancer and pneumonia in October 2002 during an Italian vacation with his actress daughter Gwyneth to celebrate her 30th birthday.
Meet The Fockers star Blythe was devastated to lose the love of her life and admits she hasn't bothered to try and find someone new in the decade since his passing.
She explains, "He was the heart of our family, a rock. It's almost 10 years and I miss him every day... I never tried to follow it or find anyone else. I think once you've had the best, you don't want anyone else, and I just haven't been on the look-out.
"My daughter-in-law was trying to matchmake for me and I said, 'No, stop! Don't do it!' I live in New York, and when you're older and widowed it's a perfect place because you just don't feel lonely there and, luckily, I like my own company, too."
Danner insists she will be forever grateful to her husband for supporting her career and pitching in to help raise their kids Gwyneth and Jake.
She adds, "He used to say to me, 'Darling, you go do the Chekhov or the Tennessee Williams plays and I'll do the TV and get the bread on the table.' He was a rare one."