Bob Dylan has become the latest celebrity to launch his own line of whiskeys as he announces his partnership with the bourbon company Angel's Envy. The new range has been appropriately named Heaven's Door and includes three different types of whiskey, and it's already available to order.

Bob Dylan live in concertBob Dylan live in concert

The 76-year-old Nobel Prize winner expands his empire with a line of alcoholic beverages including a straight rye, a double barrel whiskey and a Tennessee bourbon. He originally wanted to call the line 'Bootleg' in honour of his album series, but Angel's Envy took it in a direction that incorporated their own theme with a musical edge.

'We both wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story', he said in a statement to the New York Times. 'I've been traveling for decades, and I've been able to try some of the best spirits that the world of whiskey has to offer. This is great whiskey.'

There will be a limited edition 'Bootleg' range coming next year, featuring ceramic bottles adorned with Dylan's own paintings, and a Nashville distillery is set to open around the same time.

'Dylan has these qualities that actually work well for a whiskey', said Angel's Envy founder Marc Bushala. 'He has great authenticity. He is a quintessential American. He does things the way he wants to do them. I think these are good attributes for a super-premium whiskey as well.'

There seems to be an ever-growing trend of celebrities taking on their own alcohol brands - particularly spirits. David Beckham and Simon Fuller have Haig Club single-grain scotch whiskey, Willie Nelson has Old Whiskey River Bourbon and Ryan Reynolds has Aviation gin, while P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake, AC/DC and George Clooney have all invested in tequila brands.

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There's also Hanson's beer brand MmmHop, Jay-Z's Armand de Brignac champagne, Drew Barrymore's wines, Marilyn Manson's Mansinthe absinthe, Ludacris' Conjure Cognac and Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka.