Former Husker Du rocker Grant Hart has ruled out reuniting the grunge pioneers, insisting he and bandmate Bob Mould have "nothing to prove".

The group split in 1987 after eight years together but was later cited as a major influence on early-1990s grunge acts including Kurt Cobain's Nirvana.

Fans have speculated recent lucrative reunions of bands such as the Stone Roses have opened the door for a Husker Du comeback, but drummer/vocalist Hart is adamant he and Mould will not be tempted to put the trio back together.

He tells Mojo magazine, "Everybody with a midlife crisis either wants a Husker Du reunion or is reuniting with their own band. I can't turn the clock back for people.

"I have certain ideas worth pursuing if Bob and I were to make music again. But even though the amount of money would be irresistible, both of us have resisted making a lot of money before... Bob and I are smart enough to know we've got nothing to prove."