For those excited for the upcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ spin off, ‘Better Call Saul,’ there’s some great news: it’s already been renewed for a second season before a single episode has even aired. Now, of course, some bad news, too: a single episode for the first season won’t premiere at the end of 2014 like previously planned. AMC now has it set for a debut in early 2015. "When introducing any series, especially one with the DNA of Breaking Bad, there are countless factors to consider in making sure the show gets the launch it deserves,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, in a statement.

Better Call Saul
Can 'Better Call Saul' be as successful as 'Breaking Bad'?

Getting the launch it deserves is an understatement. Following up the success of ‘Breaking Bad’ is a difficult task in itself, but delaying the show’s release could negatively impact it if it doesn’t live up to expectations when it does eventually air. Luckily, ‘Breaking Bad’ mastermind Vince Gilligan, who is directing the pilot to ‘Better Call Saul,’ will take on co-showrunning duties with producer Peter Gould, and if that’s not a recipe for success, then what is? In addition to Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as Saul Goodman, you’ve also got Jonathan Banks making an appearance as Mike Ehrmantraut, while actor Michael McKean is set to play the role as one of Goodman’s attorneys.

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However, is the show a foolproof hit? The premise of it will revolve around Saul Goodman’s life before his shenanigans began with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, so its prequel nature is interesting enough. Furthermore, nobody would argue about Saul Goodman being a strong enough character to warrant his own spin off. But, deep down, Gilligan has admitted to having some concerns as the show began production earlier this month. "I am worried ... it may turn out this was a mistake to do this," Gilligan said during The Hollywood Reporter’s showrunner roundtable.

Bob Odenkirk Better Call SaulBob Odenkirk in 'Better Call Saul'

Of course, any worry Gilligan has probably stems from possible fan reaction, but why is that? ‘Better Call Saul’ has been said to be more of a comedy drama as opposed to the straight drama that ‘Breaking Bad’ was, so maybe there might be some expectation that there will be fans who are extremely disappointed. When AMC executive vice president of digital content Joel Stillerman spoke with TheWrap about the show’s content back in January, he said, “It's an hour show, it will be a drama, but it will also be very funny, as Bob's character was on that show.” Perhaps the reasoning behind AMC’s instant renewal for season two is because they believe in the show, but expect it to hit some rough patches and struggle out the gate. Either way, the fact that ‘Better Call Saul’ has already been renewed is good no matter what the reasoning is. We’re just happy that we’ll be able to see our favorite crooked, sleezy, morally corrupt lawyer on television once again.