Traditionally, spin-off series either fall into the disastrous ‘Joey’ category, or the 'perhaps better than its predecessor' group which is headed by 'Frasier'. So it’s no surprise that ‘Breaking Bad’ fans where anxious ahead of ‘Better Call Saul’s’ premiere. But if the series’ debut episodes are anything to go by fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as ‘Better Call Saul’ seems to hit all the right ‘Breaking Bad’ spots.

Bob OdenkirkBob Odenkirk in 'Better Call Saul'

The series follows Bob Odenkirk as small time lawyer Jimmy 'Saul Goodman' McGill, seven years before his ‘Breaking Bad’ appearances. He’s joined by another familiar face, Jonathan Banks who reprises his ‘Breaking Bad’ role as private investigator Mike Ehrmantrau.

The series premiere, ‘Uno’ aired Sunday night (February 8th) on AMC in the US, breaking ratings records with 6.9 million viewers tuning in. In the 18–49 demographic the series set a new cable record, pulling in 4.4 million viewers, almost five times as many as ‘Breaking Bad’s' 2008 debut .

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But the debut just fell short of breaking the all-time record for a cable series premiere, which is held by ‘The Closer’, whose first episode drew 7.03 million in June 2005.

In the UK, 'Better Call Saul' is available on exclusively on Netflix with new episodes being released every Tuesday. The full series will also hit the US version of the streaming service later this year, once the season finale has aired on AMC.

Better Call Saul'Better Call Saul' set ratings records with its US premiere.

Reviewers have also been pleasantly surprised by the series, which admittedly has some major shoes to fill. Rolling Stone gave the first episode a “favourable verdict”, adding that it plays “to its predecessor's quieter strengths, not trying to top its loudest ones.”

Writing in The Guardian, Richard Vine predicted the series could find its own path, saying that ‘Uno’ “felt like creator Vince Gilligan proving that he can shift gears.”

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The Independent’s Gerard Gilbert paid special attention to Odenkirk’s performance as the titular character writing, “Better Call Saul was always going to sink or swim in Odenkirk’s central performance, and he certainly proves up to the task of fleshing out the two-dimensional Saul of ‘Breaking Bad’.”

So what do you think, has ‘Better Call Saul’ impressed so far? Or is the ‘Breaking Bad’ void just too big to fill?

Better Call Saul'Better Call Saul' streams on Netflixs in the UK