Bob Odenkirk isn’t a stranger to dark themes being explored on TV, especially having played the much loved and key character of Saul Goodman – lawyer to both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman – on AMC’s hit meth drama, Breaking Bad. 

Martin Freeman in FargoMartin Freeman stars in TV's 'Fargo'

The actor, who is set to reprise the role of his career for the Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, also stars in the upcoming TV adaptation of The Coen Brothers’ 1996 hit, ‘Fargo’, which debuts on FX Canada on April 15 and on April 20 on Channel 4 in the U.K.

“The dynamic of the movie is in this show: that intense evil and darkness, brought to a comical extreme, mixed with the world of these innocent people who literally cannot get their minds round the possibility of the evil that is around them,” says Odenkirk, who is a massive fans of the cult film. "It's hard even for them to conceive that it could be happening. And that's really fun to watch."

Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt said: “Fargo is a perfect Channel 4 show – a dark comedy, beautifully directed with a stunning cast. We are excited to be bringing it to a British audience.”

Chris Ottinger from MGM added: “We are so happy to have Channel 4 as our broadcast partner in the UK and are thrilled to have been part of the team that brought Fargo to life. We look forward to introducing it to audiences worldwide."

Billy Bob Thornton in FargoBilly Bob Thornton in the TV version of Fargo

But people will be wary of the show given the popularity of the film, something showrunner Noah Hawley opened up on when talking to The Guardian. "Joel and Ethan read the first script," says Hawley. "They were very complimentary about it. Then they saw the first episode when it was completed, and Ethan said 'Yeah, good'. Billy [Bob Thornton], of course, has worked with the Coens two or three times. He said that 'Yeah, good' is like a rave review from Ethan."