Grieving a loved one is best done, one would think, in privacy, surrounded by family and friends. Unless you're grieving Whitney Houston, in which case it's best to grieve surrounded by family... in front of cameras, and subsequently share that grief with the rest of the world via a television set, as the Houston family star in an unscripted show 'The Houstons: On Our Own'. 

At the tender age of 19, Whitney's daughter Bobby Kristina "Krissy" Brown has been thrust into a tainted limelight, one full of trepidation and judgement, fuelled by her overprotective and 'cold' aunt, Pat Houston who has taken over the role of guardian since Whitney's tragic death earlier this year. With the revelation that Krissy is engaged to her step-brother Nick Gordon, you can understand why alarm bells may be ringing and why Pat would be a little worried. However, in a review of the show, Newsday criticized the show and Pat in particular; "'It's very difficult to deal with her sometimes,' sighs Pat, 'because the world is so involved with what we do.' And how is it, Pat, that a 14-part unscripted series makes that any easier?" A pertinent question indeed.

Many people, including the family, are considering the relationship between Krissy and Nick as incestuous, but the pair assure everyone that it's not. Gordon said "Everyone gets it wrong, I was never officially . . . it's not incest." But again, Pat puts in her two cents saying A lot of teenagers, when they hit 18, they think they're grown. They think they know it all -- they think they know about relationships. You just have to be there to navigate and guide them. You have to hope that their feelings will not get hurt, but they will." As 'On Our Own' progresses and more is revealed about their relationship, audiences will be able to judge for themselves. For now though, let us simply have compassion for a teenager who has been left with a father who may be re-entering rehab having lost her mother, and unable to openly struggle and grieve with a face-full of cameras at every turn.