Some members of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s extended family have been banned from visiting her in her hospice. An unknown number of relatives on her father Bobby Brown’s side have been barred from seeing her in what is suspected to be her final days. Their ban follows reports a relative attempted to hawk a photograph of 22-year-old Bobbi, who is currently in a comatose state, to a number of media outlets.

Bobbi KristinaBobbi Kristina Brown is currently in a hospice in Atlanta.

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Bobbi Kristina was moved from hospital to a hospice in Georgia a fortnight ago and her family, who are preparing for the worst, have been saying their goodbyes at her bedside. According to People, the hospice has made the decision to prevent any members of the family, who are not Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardians, from visiting her bedside. This means only her father Bobby, her aunt Pat Houston and grandmother Cissy Houston can see Bobbi Kristina. 

“The hospice, based on their discussion with the fiduciary, has decided that only the guardians and the caregivers are allowed," a source told People

The news of the relative or relatives hawking the photograph was first reported by TMZ last week and a number of other entertainment websites, including Entertainment Weekly, have confirmed they were offered the image. All have refused, out of respect, to purchase the photograph.

Other members of Bobbi Kristina’s family are, quite understandably, appalled by one of their relatives attempting to profit from Bobbi Kristina’s current state. Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, took to Facebook on Friday (3rd July) to criticise the unnamed person attempting to sell the image. Leolah is uncertain who the culprit is but she’s made it her mission to ensure the person or persons are exposed.

‘I'll tell you what! You took that picture thinking you gon get some money for it...’ Leolah wrote in a lengthy Facebook post. ‘And thats gon be it! ...guess what!????!!!! I will myself if no one else does-see to it that -YOU be revealed!!!! Trust me!’

Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalised since the end of January when she was discovered unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub in her Atlanta home. Doctors at two hospitals attempted to bring her out of her medically induced coma but, after months of care and specialist advice, it appears there’s little that can be done for the 22-year-old. She was moved to a hospice two weeks ago and, as her grandmother said in a statement at the time, she’s “in God’s hands now”. 

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