Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late, great Whitney Houston, is engaged to her step-brother, Nick Gordon. In Bobbi's defence, she's still a teenager and her mum died this year, a combination that promotes neither common sense nor sanity.

Sometimes ending up in a relationship with a step-sibling isn't really, really weird. But that's more when you barely know each other before adulthood, didn't grow up together and are not necessarily close enough to consider your parent's partner as your adoptive mother. That's not the case with this pair. Nick Gordon has lived with the Houston's for ten years, since his father went to prison, which means Bobbi has lived with her older-brother-come-fiancee since the age of 9.

Since her mother's death, Bobbi has been the subject of a new reality TV show to be called “The Houstons: On Our Own” which will begin airing on October 24th. Bobbi originally denied reports of the engagement, after she was shot with a stunning diamond and sapphire ring on her ring finger, but in the trailer for the show she's seen 'professing her love' for Nick Gordon as the Huffington Post puts it.

Gary and Patricia Houston are also seen in the trailer, both of whom are shocked and outraged. Patricia, Whitney's sister in law and manager, said “Engagement? This is unacceptable.” While Gary, clearly bemused said "No one knew that from a godson that you would turn into a boyfriend... No one knew that."

The trailer has certainly hit the spot, everyone is now talking about the show and this very bizarre couple.