Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved from hospital to a nearby rehabilitation centre, according to sources close to her family. The 21-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been in hospital for almost two months. She has been in a medically induced coma for the majority of her time in hospital and her condition reportedly remains the same.

Bobbi Kristina
Bobbi Kristina has reportedly been moved from hospital to a rehabilitation centre.

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Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub at her Atlanta home on January 31st January. She was found unresponsive by paramedics responding at the scene and immediately rushed to hospital. Brown was placed in a medically induced coma from which she has not awakened, according to reports. An attempt to wean her off the coma medication last month was stopped as she began suffering seizures as she came round. 

Brown was originally in North Fulton Hospital but has since been moved to Emory University Hospital. The rehabilitation centre is close by the Emory, according to sources. It is uncertain when she was moved or what condition she is in. 

Brown's mother, Whitney Houston, was found dead in her bathtub at an L.A. hotel in 2012, at the age of 48. Brown was found almost three years to the day from when her mother's body was discovered. Houston's cause of death was ruled as drowning as a result of heart disease and cocaine use. 

The eerie similarities between the way in which Brown was discovered and her mother's death has ensured continued interest from the press and fans of the family. Brown's partner, Nick Gordon, has also publically acknowledged there is tension between him and Brown's family members. Gordon discovered Brown unconscious in the bath and Bobby Brown has reportedly denied him access to his daughter's hospital room. 

NBC first reported the news. 

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