The daughter of the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, is to receive $20m from her mother's estate, after reaching the end of a complicated legal battle, Entertainmentwise reports.

Kristina was entangled in legal complications with her grandmother Cissy Houston and her aunt Pat after they attempted to put a stop to the original payment schedule, claiming those close to Bobbi would take advantage of her fortune, but reports suggest that those issues have been resolved, and the young star is set for a windfall. She will receive the money in three segments, more specifically, she can expect three large payments: the first 10 per cent when she turns 21, nearly 20 per cent when she turns 25 and the rest when she hits 30. It was, in fact, revealed soon after Houston's sudden death in February at the age of 48, that Bobbi was the sole beneficiary to her estate.

Currently starring in The Houstons: On Our Own; the show that follows her family around, Bobby is engaged to Nick Gordon, who Whitney took in as a son when he was 12. The pair have had to deny the accusations of wrongdoing, with Nik saying, "Everyone gets it wrong, I was never officially ... it's not incest." But family relatives are not convinced."How do you go from being a brother to being a boyfriend?" Houston's brother Gary says on the reality TV show. "It's a crazy concept."