Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon has risked jeopardising his chances of visiting his hospitalised partner after publicising a series of nasty text messages exchanged with her father Bobby Brown, in which he accuses him of bad parenting.

The New Edition star's daughter with Whitney Houston remains in a medically-induced coma in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at the Roswell home she shares with Gordon in January (15).

Gordon claims he has been banned from seeing his girlfriend by the Brown family, but the singer's attorney insists the 22 year old has been invited to visit, as long as he agrees to "meet the terms" outlined by her concerned relatives.

Now Gordon has taken to to blast Bobby Brown by revealing a screenshot of a recent text exchange, in which he suggested Brown is in no position to decide what's best for Bobbi Kristina because he barely knows her.

The messages in the snap Gordon shared online on Monday (23Feb15) read: "Man to man I love your daughter... I don't know why you won't let me see her... Your daughter is going to hate you when she wakes up. It's not like you know her anyways (sic). What's her favorite color? What's her favorite smell, movies, food. You don't know."

The post has since been deleted from Gordon's Twitter page, but he continued ranting about the situation online, insisting Bobbi Kristina would want him by her bedside and claiming he is willing to agree to Brown's demands if he can see his girlfriend every day.

He writes, "I can't wait till she wakes up and dismiss (sic) all of the negative thoughts. There is a reason why her mom made me promise to look after her. If Bobby can guarantee me that I can see her 24/7 I'll meet the conditions".

He also revealed his "only regret" was not finding Bobbi Kristina sooner so he could try to resuscitate her.

He then continued to slam her relatives, claiming they have been sending him "death threats" to scare him away in a bid to lay claim to Houston's fortune, tweeting, "I have to remain strong for me and @REALbkBrown... Bobby seen his daughter 4 times in the last 5 yrs (years) Now him and his family want Whitneys $$$ (money) which belongs to Krissi or Cissy (Houston, Whitney's mother) (sic)."

And Gordon has dismissed rumours alleging he has refused to co-operate with police detectives, who have launched a criminal investigation into his girlfriend's near-drowning incident, adding, "I've talked to the cops (with) no lawyer. If Roswell Detectives know how to do there (sic) job everything is cool."