Bobby Brown was arrested this morning for DUI (driving under the influence), TMZ have reported.

This is not the first time that Brown has been arrested for driving whilst unfit to do so. In fact it’s the second time this year that we are already aware of. According to the report from TMZ, the police pulled Bobby over at around 1am this morning after they spotted him “driving erratically” on a street in Los Angeles.

When police pulled Brown over, they could detect the smell of alcohol, so they asked him to step out of the car. At this point, they asked the New Edition singer to perform a sobriety test. We’re not entirely sure how well he did on that but he clearly didn’t pass, as it ended in his arrest. He’ll know the drill, of course, because he was last arrested for DUI in March this year. He sought treatment for alcohol abuse issues over the summer and also has a DUI conviction that dates back to 1996.

It’s been a pretty rocky year for Brown, all in all. His ex-wife Whitney Houston died in February, which renewed a lot of the allegations that her own problems with substance abuse dated back to his relationship with him and he is widely blamed for bringing about the singer’s downfall. It looks as though the only downfall he’s responsible for right now, though, is his own.