Bonnie Tyler enjoys listening to people who can't sing during karaoke.

The Welsh singer - who is set to represent Britain in the 58th Annual Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, this week - admits she takes pleasure in hearing out-of-tune vocalists reciting lyrics from a screen as she believes they are what make the activity as much fun as it is.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Do you know what I like - the fun of karaoke is to listen to people who can't actually sing!

''My sister-in-law, she loves doing karaoke, but she can't sing at all! She will pick the longest song, like 'American Pie', and she will sing that song, and she is loving it and going for it. She knows she is terrible but she loves the fun of it. I think that is the fun of karaoke.''

Despite usually shying away from the amusement, Bonnie, 61, recalled one embarrassing experience where she wasn't on top form when forced to take to the stage.

She admitted: ''I was in this place once where they put on 'Holding out for a Hero', and called me up to do it. But it was a different version so I got a bit lost. I am not very good with keeping up with the words on the screen.''

Fans can tune in to see Bonnie performing her track 'Believe In Me' during the ceremony on Saturday (18.05.13), televised live on the BBC.