The Eurovision song contest is fast approaching and, while no one is all that bothered really, it looks like Britain will finally compete to win this year, with pop veteran Bonnie Tyler.

While Eurovision tends to be won primarily by young, emerging acts, performing impressive up-tempo numbers (something the newly released Believe In Me sadly isn’t), apparently someone somewhere saw a match made in heaven when it came to Tyler at the song competition. To be fair, there might be something to it, considering the fact that the 61-year-old singer might have just been known for a handful of hits in the late 70s/early 80s, but she is certainly a recognisable act, which could secure her a top spot. Well, it could secure her something other than the last spot, which seems to be enough these days, after Englebert Humperding, Britain’s offering at the 2012 competition, notoriously scored just 12 points (for reference, the winning Swedish act had 372.)

After all, is there anyone in the English-speaking world who hasn’t done a dramatic rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, possibly one involving a hairbrush microphone?

The big night will happen in Malmo, Sweden this year and the competition will be held on May 8. Tyler will perform her brand new single Believe in Me, the video for which you can watch below.