The Royal Caribbean's Total Eclipse Cruise is the vacation to have this weekend because, not only will you get to see a rare astronomical event, you'll also get to hear Bonnie Tyler sing her biggest hit in the most appropriate circumstance it has probably ever been sung.

Bonnie Tyler performing liveBonnie Tyler performing live

The 66-year-old Welsh singer will indeed be performing her 1983 number one hit 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' on Monday night (August 21st 2017) during the total solar eclipse in America. She'll open her song at the very moment the moon covers the sun as guests enjoy this visual marvel on Oasis of the Seas.

'Bonnie Tyler was a natural choice for this once-in-a-lifetime moment', said Royal Caribbean International CEO of Michael Bayley. 'A total solar eclipse hasn't crossed the entire US since 1918, and with many of our ships sailing to the Caribbean along the projected path, the stars aligned. Oasis of the Seas will have the vantage point of the century and an unforgettable celebration out at sea that adventurers won't want to miss.'

Indeed, it's a 7-night trip that will take lucky boarders to the prime spot to see such a spectacle, which is thought to last just over two and a half minutes. It will set off from Orlando, Florida on August 20th and Bonnie Tyler will be supported by Joe Jonas' band DNCE. 'It's going to be so exciting', Bonnie told Time. 'It doesn't happen very often, does it?'

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'Total Eclipse of the Heart' went to number one around the world upon its release in the 80s. Co-written by the Grammy winning producer Jim Steinman (who is best known for his work with Meat Loaf), it featured on her fifth studio album 'Faster Than the Speed of Night'. It remains a popular classic and no doubt will mark the highlight of this unique cruise ship event.