Last year’s Eurovision loser, Englebert Humperdinck has written an open letter to Bonnie Tyler, who will be representing the UK later this year when the contest takes place in Malmo, Sweden.

Writing on his Facebook page, the ageing crooner, who came second to last in the 2012 pop contest, told Tyler “Dear Bonnie, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on being the one to represent our wonderful country. The Eurovision was such a great step in my career and with the grand support of the BBC and my beloved country behind me, the loss of winning had me stepping on a loose unforgiving stone on a pyramid to paradise... but paradise will always be there for someone else to triumph in fair judgment to pride our country (sic) once again. You can do it Bonnie!!" Humperdinck’s performance may have been roundly dissed by, well, all the other countries involved and the decision to use Tyler as this year’s entrant may have been widely dissed by, well, most media outlets in the UK but it’s still pretty charming of ol’ Humperdinck to reach out to Tyler with some words of encouragement.

Bonnie Tyler was most popular back in the 1980s, when she had huge chart success with ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ The track that she will perform at this year’s Eurovision contest is entitled ‘Believe In Me.’