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Posted 6 years 11 months ago by Carl Smith II

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The first memory I have of my childhood was that of me staring out my window looking out at all the houses with lights and thinking what were all the people doing in their houses. And how many people where there in the world with lights in their houses.I needed to know what do people do? All this at the age of 8 then most recently I saw the U2 VERTIGO concert and saw what you did with the cell phones lighted up by the audience for the one campaign and realized that one of the most important things we do in this world is help eachother out. Thanks for the music and the ambition!!!

Posted 15 years 4 weeks ago by flunkenmeister

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Dear Bono, I realize this is only your email address for the One Campaign. I wanted to write you a message, telling you how I have loved and admired your causes and campaigns for some time now. Meeting with world leaders, Live 8, and so many of your other endeavors, has touched my heart. I loved the Vertigo Concert in Oakland on Nov 9th. The declaration of human rights was wonderful, and the cell phones lighting up for The One Campaign, and the way you sang Love and Peace or Else. Your being in Africa at this time shows how sincere and real you are about helping Africa with needed aid and trade. I have a group called A group about Bono on a website called It is so good to look up topics and website stories about your humanitarian and missionary endeavors, as well as U2 news too. I happen to love U2 and admire you so much.From an admiring fanFran Cannon

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by u2fran

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Hey Bono,Nice to see you`ve been busy. Keep up the great work and don`t forget all of us with an ounce of Irish spirit, or anyone who cares about this planet are proud to have you here.Take care of yourself and wish Ali,and the boys all the best.Keith

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by Keith101

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Dear Bono,It’s really great what you are doing for Africa, and I am convinced that you are in the right position to contact a great mass of people that will struggle for organisations like white band, DATA etc. Without you, or Bob Geldof or all the people who devote their selves to this cause, we were never come so far, meaning people from all over the world would never been involved to this huge problem, including me.But what are you going to do without U2! Or …. the other guys without Bono will never be U2! It has to be the fabulous 4.The only one who can make this decision is you. Go! Don’t look back! Follow your heart; it will be always the right decision if you are absolutely convinced of the choice you have to make.Good luck!Evelyn

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by Evelyn

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