Bono's daughter doesn't want to become a ''celebrity kid cliché''.

Eve Hewson - whose father is the U2 rocker - has insisted she doesn't want to be known for her family connection but rather for her acting talent.

She said: ''There's the cliché of the celebrity kid with a fragrance and a handbag line and they design jewellery on the side and maybe dabble in acting.

''I've always been very particular about the fact that [acting] is the one thing I want to do.''

Despite wanting to distance her career from her father's, the 24-year-old actress loved dancing to his music as a young girl.

She shared: ''[There was] music all around and writers walking in and out.

''I was constantly dancing in front of the TV and p***ing everyone off. [They'd say,] 'Stop dancing, Eve!'''

And although Eve is sure about her career, she takes a similar approach to her love life, insisting it's ''so much fun'' being single.

She added to Town & Country magazine: ''My sister says, 'You need to look more available... You're so confident in yourself, you look like you have a boyfriend.'

''I'm [24], I don't need a boyfriend. It's so much fun being on your own.''