Bono has described the current music scene as “very girly”, adding that “hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment.”

The U2 frontman made the comments during an interview with Rolling Stone, after revealing that his children help him discover new music.

BonoBono at the Los40 Music Awards

“Jordan is a music snob, an indie snob. Eve is hip-hop. Elijah is in a band, and he has got very strong feelings about music, but he doesn't make any distinction between, let's say, the Who and the Killers. Or, you know, Nirvana and Royal Blood.” Bono said.

“It is not generational for him. It is the sound and what he is experiencing. He believes that a rock and roll revolution is around the corner,” he continued.

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When asked if he also believed rock and roll revolution is around the corner, Bono said, “I think music has gotten very girly. And there are some good things about that, but hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment – and that's not good.

“When I was 16, I had a lot of anger in me. You need to find a place for it and for guitars, whether it is with a drum machine – I don't care. The moment something becomes preserved, it is f***king over. You might as well put it in formaldehyde.

“In the end, what is rock & roll?” he added. “Rage is at the heart of it. Some great rock & roll tends to have that, which is why The Who were such a great band. Or Pearl Jam. Eddie has that rage.”

Bono also revealed in the interview that he had a near-death experience during the making of ‘Songs of Experience’, but chose not to elaborate further.

“People have these extinction events in their lives,” he said. “It could be psychological or it could be physical. And, yes, it was physical for me, but I think I have spared myself all that soap opera.”