The Boomtown Rats are reuniting after 26 years to play at a U.K. festival in June (13).

The I Don't Like Mondays hitmakers will perform on the main stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival on 16 June (13), and frontman Bob Geldof is delighted to be teaming up with his former bandmates.

He says, "Playing again with The Rats and doing those great songs again will be exciting afresh.

"We were an amazing band and I just feel it's the right time to re-Rat, to go back to Boomtown for a visit. Also, I've always fancied playing the Isle of Wight Festival ever since I hitched there in the good/bad days when I was a kid.

"I saw The Who, Doors (I think) Hendrix and Leonard Cohen, who incidentally blew Hendrix off the stage, and Kris Kristofferson, who was also amazing - God, so many cool bands. It will be a privilege to be on that stage especially with a killer band like The Boomtown Rats."

The Stone Roses, The Killers and Bon Jovi are headlining the three-day event.