Hip-hop star Bow Wow has been targeted by a wannabe rapper who hacked into his account on Twitter.com, demanded $10,000 (£6,250), and ordered fans to download his music.
The mystery cyber-crook broke into the Like You hitmaker's page on the microblogging site on Tuesday (21Aug12) and bombarded the star's 2.3 million followers with more than a dozen messages.
He ordered them to download his mixtape and insisted he would only stop the hack attack once he had reached a download limit and was given $10,000.
Bosses at Bow Wow's record label Universal Republic even contacted the hacker directly via Twitter's message system to try to stop the attack, but the mystery man vowed to continue on Wednesday (22Aug12).
In a series of tweets, he writes, "I got Bow Twitter on smash follow me... I'm the haaacker (sic) this n**ga got b**ches in his DMs (direct messages). Bow u (sic) want pg (your page) back I want 10k... All I want from Bow Wow is 10k and a follow and ill (sic) stop this."
He later added, "Man I'm getting dms (direct messages) from Universal. Look I'm sorry Bow Wow man ima (I'm a) fan I know you can read your timeline I just want to be heard can you help... People are either hating on me or just taking me for a joke. I want 10k and a follow Bow Wow please. This is my dream. I'll be back in the am."