Rapper-turned-Tv personality Bow Wow has publicly criticised R&B singer Mya for performing at a Florida strip club over the weekend (23-25Jan15), insisting it was not a "smart" career move.

The Case of the Ex hitmaker has been keeping a low profile since her last album, 2011's K.I.S.S., became her third consecutive flop when it failed to chart on America's Billboard 200.

She is currently working on new music and resurfaced in Miami on Friday night (23Jan15), when she performed at the G5ive strip club, showing off her dance moves in a skimpy outfit.

However, the appearance did not go down well with fans online, with many poking fun at the singer for taking on the tacky gig after previously hitting the stage at arenas and big concert halls around the world.

Bow Wow was among the detractors and took to Facebook.com on Saturday (24Jan15) to share his amusement with fans.

In a pair of posts, he wrote, "Mya is a stripper now? If not who advised that it was smart to perform and dance on the stripper stage...

"I cant (sic) stop laughing at the video my homie (friend) sent me of mya on the stripper stage dancing. Im like why though (sic)? Haha Hell she coulda borrowed that 1500 performance fee from the local D boy (drug dealer) if it was that serious (sic)."

Mya has yet to respond to the critical comments.