The Culture Club frontman and brothers Gary and Martin Kemp helped carry Strange's coffin into the church in Porthcrawl, Wales before saying farewell to the former Visage frontman, real name Stephen Harrington, who passed away in February (15).

A jazz band marched along the street performing the tune I'm the King of the Swingers as the hearse approached the venue, while Visage hit Fade to Grey was played as his white coffin, emblazoned with colourful pictures of Strange, was carried into the church.

More than 300 fans gathered outside All Saints Church to watch the arrival and listen to the funeral service, which was broadcast outside via loudspeakers.

During the service, Boy George read a poem he had written for his late friend and added, "Goodbye Steve - punk rocker, new Romantic, old romantic, first class show off, fellow freak, beautiful gay man, seminal pop star, wrecking ball, futurist fashionista."

Other attendees included the Kemps' bandmate Tony Hadley and Erasure star Andy Bell.

Strange died after suffering a heart attack, aged 55.