Boy George's relationship with Jon Moss is a ''mystery''.

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker thinks it is ''weird'' that there is no longer any ''proof'' he and his Culture Club bandmate - who has three children with ex-wife Barbara, who he split from in 2010 - were romantically involved until 1986, but insisted they are still close.

He said: ''Our relationship is like a mystery. It's like, we know it happened, but there's not really proof anymore, it's kind of weird. We're really good friends now.''

The 52-year-old star is proud of the fact he has remained friends with many of his ex-lovers, and admits he is now closer to some of his former flames than when they were in relationships.

Speaking to 'Access Hollywood Live', he said: ''One of the great things is when you can grow up a bit and then of sort of be friends with the people you went out with. I have like three or four ex-lovers that I'm really good friends with and I'm probably better friends with them, now that we're not lovers, than we were when we were together.''

Meanwhile, George admitted he thinks Justin Bieber is ''gorgeous'' and believes he and Miley Cyrus are so successful because of their androgynous appearances.

He explained: ''[Justin Bieber] is gorgeous! ... I was in the store the other day and I was looking at Miley Cyrus and I was thinking, actually she has a kind of androgyny about her and similarly does Justin Bieber. And I think some of the biggest kind of stars have that kind of boy-girl thing.''