Boy George thinks it's important to have regrets.

The former Culture Club singer will never divulge what his greatest regret is, but he knows it has helped him to make mistakes in his past because he has learnt from them.

He said: ''I'd like to keep my greatest regret secret, but I will say I do have many regrets and I think it's important to have them.

''Having things you're sorry for is healthy; it gives you boundaries with yourself. If you'd asked me about this 10 years ago, I would have said I didn't have any, but that was youthful arrogance.

''I'd like to have longer legs. A couple of inches would be great. I'm six foot but I have a long body and short legs. More in proportion would be good!''

The DJ-and-musician also says he's learnt to overcome the problems in his life and deal with anything that comes his way.

He told Grazia magazine: ''I'm very good at getting on with things in the face of adversity and dealing with anything life throws at me. I take life seriously, but am able to look beyond the worse.''