Boy George's mother has been admitted to hospital with heart and lung problems.

The Culture Club star has confirmed via Twitter that Dinah O'Dowd is in a stable condition at Queen Elizabeth hospital in London, but she may not be saved if her health takes a turn for the worse.

The 58-year-old singer - who doesn't think his mother has coronavirus - tweeted: ''My beautiful mum is in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

''A problem with her heart or lungs. She's stable but they have said they won't resuscitate her if things go wrong? Apparently, it won't work? How can they know. Please pray! @LG_NHS. (sic)''

The music star received support from a number of celebrity well-wishers after revealing the news.

'Good Morning Britain' host Piers Morgan tweeted: ''Oh no, I'm so sorry George. Will say a prayer for her. (sic)''

Singer Aled Jones added: ''Sending you love and strength x. (sic)''

The musician - whose real name is George O'Dowd - has a close relationship with his mother, who raised him alone after his father, Gerry, walked out on the family following a difficult marriage.

He previously admitted that he was left heartbroken after finding Dinah on the floor following an overdose.

George recalled: ''She took pills. I remember sort of keeping her awake and not really understanding what had happened.''

He added that being abused by his late father strengthened his bond with Dinah.

The singer explained: ''My dad was quite an extreme man. (He) could lose his temper and chuck the entire Sunday dinner over and everybody went hungry.

''He hit us all the time, punched us, but everyone in the 70s punched you. It happened a lot.

''He'd fly off the handle quite easily but he was also extremely charismatic and funny. He was a real contradiction and it wasn't until I got to about 15 or 16 that I realised how strong my mum was.''