It seems everyone wants a piece of the Boy George weight loss secret. Giving in to the press, the gay icon has let everyone know how he shed the pounds via his twitter account.

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Boy George Has Lost a lot of Weight

"I love that the size of my ass is trending worldwide!" posted Boy George to the social networking site. The media has picked up his dramatic weight loss, not only because it’s so impressive, but because he regularly informs people of his dietary habits. We went through some of his foodie tweets, and came up with our favourite breakfast lunch and dinner combo.


“Mmm, porridge with cherries & a dash of cinnamon! Cook the cherries with the porridge! Bloody gorgeous!”


"Spicy broccoli cheese from lunch! I have friends coming later who will polish this off!"


"Got a lovely bean curry chugging away on the stove!"

Might get boring, but we can certainly see how he lost all that weight! "I found my relationship with food is greatly improved! Two weeks with no oil, it's not so hard!"

“It’s watching what I eat,” he said, according to the express. “I don’t eat just raw food, it’s a mixture of things.” And now things are back on track for Boy George, he plans to take Taboo – the Broadway show based on his life – back to the U.S.

“We had a great run in London 10 years ago and went to Broadway which was an adventure in itself, and lasted three glorious months,” he explained. “I always felt it was a little too soon for America, but now there’s talk of it going back there which is exciting. We’re looking at doing more songs and making other changes. The selling of things is always arduous but to write songs and talk about characters is the fun bit.”