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3rd July 2015

Quote: "We get on each other's nerves. It's like going home for Christmas with your family. There's always going to be something said that hurts you. But you know what? I love these fools." Boy George on his relationship with his Culture Club bandmates as the group prepares to return to the road in America later this month (Jul15).

30th May 2015

Quote: "He's bought the house next door to me in Hampstead. I saw him there the other day. He's a lovely guy. I met him just before he really blew up, which was a nice thing." Boy George is thrilled with his new London neighbour, pop star Sam Smith.

26th March 2015

Quote: "Everybody always said it would be Harry that would have left (first). The last two years I've been hearing, 'Harry's gonna leave'. Zayn pipped him to the post... Maybe he's planning to do something else... Being in a boy band is amazing, they've done incredibly well, but it's restrictive. If you wanna grow as an artist, then you have to be brave and I think he's made enough money to be brave." Boy George applauds Zayn Malik for making the "brave" decision to quit One Direction.

19th August 2014

Quote: "I think the '80s was all about looking like you were having fun. You know that saying, 'Youth is wasted on the young'? Nowadays, I've really invested in happiness. I never really understood that when I was a kid. But now I actually get a lot of joy doing really ordinary stuff." Culture Club frontman Boy George appreciates life much more now that he's seven-years sober.

19th August 2014

Quote: "It was very, very brief. It was like meeting the Queen. She was in a room and I was taken in there. She's very beautiful and very tall and very glamorous. I just wanted to get a selfie with her because my niece and nephews love her. Really it was all about impressing them." British singer Boy George on meeting Taylor Swift.

12th August 2014

Fact: Boy George's band Culture Club have announced their first North American tour dates in 14 years. The reunited Karma Chameleon hitmakers will perform in California, Las Vegas, New York and New Jersey in November (14), ahead of the release of a new album in early 2015.

8th May 2014

Quote: "We start recording in Spain and we go on tour in the U.K. in December with Alison Moyet." Boy George on his plans for the reformed Culture Club.

6th May 2014

Quote: "I was looking at a picture of Miley Cyrus and I was thinking actually she has a kind of androgyny about her, and similarly, so does Justin Bieber and I think some of the biggest stars have that kind of boy/girl thing." Gender-bending pop icon Boy George believes androgyny is in fashion.

6th May 2014

Quote: "We've met. When I was 11 years old I used to sit outside his house, so he knows me. We've had dinners together... He remembered me." Boy George on his friendship with his hero David Bowie.

6th May 2014

Quote: "There are certain songs you grow into and certain songs you grow out of... I'm gonna do Culture Club (gigs) this year, so I'm probably gonna have to Tumble, but, at 52, you have to find new ways of doing those songs. They're kinda cute when you're 24, but, at 52, going on 53, it's a bit harder to Tumble." Boy George isn't a fan of Culture Club's 1983 song I'll Tumble 4 Ya.

5th May 2014

Quote: "Our relationship is like a myth. We know it happened but there's not really proof anymore, it's kinda weird... We're really great friends now. One of the great things is when you can kind of grow up a bit and then kind of be friends with the people you went out with." Boy George on his friendship with former bandmate and lover Jon Moss.

25th April 2014

Quote: "The oddest celebrity encounter I've had was with Prince. He invited me to come and meet him then he didn't speak for 10 minutes. I thought, 'Wow, he's really trying to intimidate me with silence.' But I still love him." Veteran pop star Boy George on his strangest run-in with a celebrity.

8th April 2014

Tweet: "Poor sweet Peaches Geldof. We spoke only a month ago and she looked like an angel. This is truly sad. Poor Bob! R.I.P" Boy George offers up his thoughts following the death of Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches.

28th March 2014

Quote: "A lot of people wrote me off over the past 10 years. I can't blame them - I would have written me off too, after all those car crashes I put myself through." Boy George can't blame critics who felt sure his career was over.

28th March 2014

Quote: "In America, they sent out the first single, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, without any pictures, because they thought our look would scare people. The first time we played here (in America), on Long Island, as soon as we took the stage, we could hear everybody gasp." Boy George on America's response to the openly gay pop star and his band Culture Club in the 1980s.

13th February 2014

Quote: "At the moment we are writing and we are looking at maybe doing something towards the end of this year or beginning of next year." Boy George confirms he's hoping to score new hits with Culture Club.

12th February 2014

Quote: "If you said to me, 'You know what? You're messing this up'. I wouldn't have listened because you don't listen when you're that age... and that's a shame because I could've saved myself a lot of drama. A lot of money as well." Pop veteran Boy George can see a lot of himself in Justin Bieber.

15th November 2013

Quote: "If I turn up at a train station, airport and you're not my mum, or the driver, the chances are I won't want to see you." Boy George admits he's not fond of running into fans on his travels.

30th August 2013

Quote: "I fancied him... Oh my God, he was so cute. There was a fantastic interview with him where at the time (singer) Marilyn had implied they'd had a thing so they asked Paul and he said, 'If Marilyn said it happened, it must have done,' which I think is the way any self-respecting rock star should behave. That made me love him, I thought, 'You're so cool'... I did fancy him but I don't think he fancied me." Boy George confesses he had a big crush on Paul Weller.

28th August 2013

Quote: "We only bumped into each other a couple of times. He visited us one time and (singer) Marilyn tried to embarrass him by putting on gay porn. He didn't seem to be bothered." Boy George recalls an odd encounter with a fellow '80s star, Duran Duran rocker John Taylor.

28th January 2013

Tweet: "Very sorry for the families of those lost in the Brazilian club fire. As a Dj I cannot imagine anything worst (sic)! God bless them all!" Boy George adds his condolences following a horrific Brazilian nightclub fire, which claimed more than 230 lives in the early hours of Sunday (27Jan13).

11th January 2013

Tweet: "I'm not a reformed boozer, I always hated drink and I thank God every day I never liked it!!!" Boy George is proud of his anti-alcohol stance.

1st December 2012

Fact: Jane Lynch, Boy George, Mika, artist David Hockney, actor Simon Callow and Sir Elton John have been named among gay magazine Out's 100 Most Compelling People of the Year.

4th June 2012

Tweet: "Some posh bird (woman) tried to buy broccoli off me at my local Veggie stall which means I have finally passed as a barrow boy! Result!" Singer Boy George is pleased with a case of mistaken identity.

23rd February 2012

Fact: A series featuring appearances by Lord Of The Rings actor Martin Freeman and '80s pop star Boy George is set to be turned into a big screen movie. Svengali, written by and starring actor Johnny Owen, follows a man from Wales who travels to London with dreams of managing the best band in the world. The independent film adaptation will begin production in London next week (begs27Feb12).

14th December 2011

Quote: "There's a picture of me in a group with Andy Warhol but I don't remember him being in the picture. I remember the shenanigans of that evening but I don't remember him being there." Boy George on his encounter with the pop art icon in the 1980s.

1st December 2011

Tweet: "I have not heard any more info about GM although I'm sure he's doing better and is in the best place to get stronger!" British singer Boy George sends well wishes to his pal George Michael, who is currently battling pneumonia in hospital in Vienna, Austria.

26th November 2011

Tweet: "Just spoke to one of GM's closest friends and George is very much alive. Poorly - but in the best hands." Boy George reassures fans George Michael is doing well as he battles pneumonia in an Austrian hospital.

1st November 2011

Tweet: "Facebook has disabled my account? Why, f**k knows! Do I care, not really!" British pop star Boy George is not missing access to the social networking site.

15th September 2011

Tweet: "The Amy Winehouse duet with Tony Bennet is amazing! God that woman had a voice and understood jazz!" Boy George is a big fan of Amy Winehouse's posthumous release Body and Soul, a collaboration with Tony Bennett.

16th August 2011

Tweet: "Got my luggage finally, chilling in Ibiza, it's quite lovely to have (almost) two days off! Sweet tings!" Singer Boy George has been reunited with his belongings after landing in Ibiza for a DJ gig on Monday (15Aug11) without his bags.

10th June 2011

Quote: 'I wish I'd done all this 20 years ago. I wish I'd gone running with Madonna when she asked me 20 years ago. I used to say: 'I only run when people chase me.' But I get it now." Boy George regrets not listening to superfit star Madonna and taking up exercise years ago, after embarking on a new fitness regime.

30th April 2011

Tweet: "Apart from Elton the wedding was very straight anyway, but the dress was very, very, gay." Boy George's after-thought about Friday's (28Apr11) royal wedding.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I woke up one morning and the blinds were open, and I realised I hadn't seen a tree in about three years and got quite emotional. It's like I had a pair of dark glasses on and hadn't seen things properly for a while." Boy George broke down when he spotted a tree from his bedroom window - because it was the first time he'd really noticed the world around him since he quit drugs.

30th March 2011

Quote: "I've said some horrible things about her in the past. I'm not proud of that. I have a weird admiration for her. She's never been f**ked up and that's something to be admired. She's always been really professional." Boy George regrets criticising his contemporary Madonna repeatedly over the years.

6th December 2010

Fact: Gay icon Boy George is set to return to the house where he grew up for the first episode in a new series of British show The House That Made Me.

6th December 2010

Quote: "I'm basically a gay version of my dad." Boy George can't believe how much like his father he has become.

31st October 2010

Quote: "The idea that gay people have loads of sex in prison is b**locks. Anyone who believes that has been watching the wrong videos. It's a bit of a myth. It certainly wasn't my experience. Prison isn't a great place for romance, put it that way." Boy George on serving time last year (09).

26th March 2010

Quote: "I got a lot of celebrity letters, but not visitors... Stephen Fry, Holly Johnson, quite a few lovely letters." Boy George received a number of celebrity offers of support while he was in jail last year (09) for the false imprisonment and assault of a male escort in 2007.

2nd February 2010

Tweet: "Been swimming today, 4th time and loving it, I'm a dolphin!" Singer Boy George has found a new hobby.

14th January 2010

Tweet: "R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass! We have lost a legend!" Boy George pays tribute to the soul legend, who died on Wednesday (13Jan10).

26th October 2009

Quote: "Elton John sent me this huge ghettoblaster (stereo) when I was there and I couldn't have it, unfortunately. It was very sweet. People were sending me teapots and kettles!" Boy George was flooded with presents from friends and fans while he was in prison earlier this year (09).

25th October 2009

Quote: "I had it coming, it wasn't that big a surprise. It was four months to be with myself. I'm the happiest I've ever been." Boy George insists he deserved the four months he spent behind bars earlier this year (09).

20th October 2009

Fact: Rufus Wainwright will take the stage with stars including Boy George, Ed Harcourt and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey at his upcoming Christmas concert in London. A Not So Silent Night will take place at the British capital's Royal Albert Hall on 9 December (09).

22nd January 2009

Fact: Fans will have a chance to hear new music from incarcerated pop star Boy George when a duet he recorded with French singer REGINE ZYLBERBERG is released in March (09). The former Culture Club star is currently serving a 15-month jail sentence for the false imprisonment of a male escort.

12th December 2008

Fact: British singer Boy George will go ahead with two concerts in London on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (16/17Dec08) despite facing a possible jail sentence for falsely imprisoning a male escort at his home.

16th October 2008

Quote: "I don't believe you have to be monogamous, but you have to be respectful. Don't come home and say: 'Oh, I've just had sex with someone else.'" Former Culture Club frontman Boy George is clear about his requirements before entering an open relationship.

13th October 2008

Quote: "Some of the outfits I wore. Legwarmers were never a good look for me." Former Culture Club frontman Boy George on his previous fashion disasters.

10th October 2008

Quote: "When I look at Amy and George, I know where they are, I know what they are. I know what it's like to be clacking, sweaty and chaotic and to have no clarity." Eighties pop star Boy George sympathises with troubled stars Amy Winehouse and George Michael over their drug problems.

7th October 2008

Quote: "I don't like getting up at 6.30 in the morning and that Chinese people chop vegetables really small, which makes them hard to pick up off the pavement." Eighties singer Boy George had a few problems while fulfilling his community service in New York in 2006 following his arrest on drug charges.

7th October 2008

Quote: "I'm much tougher than Rupert Everett. I could knock him out in five seconds." Singer Boy George doesn't fear the much taller and bigger Rupert Everett.

7th October 2008

Quote: "(I'll) never, ever, ever do drugs again and I don't drink either. My job of giving the police something to do is over." Boy George insists his days as a hellraiser are a thing of the past.

3rd July 2008

Quote: "One of the great things about being gay was that you didn't have to worry about those kinds of responsibilities... I also think the marriage thing is quite conservative. I prefer guys to come and leave." Boy George is not a fan of gay marriage.

2nd July 2008

Quote: "I imagine she's quite tough to live with." Boy George on reports Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are set to divorce.

2nd July 2008

Fact: Boy George has recorded a new disco anthem, titled YES WE CAN, which is inspired by U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The former Culture Club star samples the politician's speeches in the tune.

1st July 2008

Quote: "He's about to get divorced. The life of a heterosexual is sick and boring." Boy George reveals former boyfriend and Culture Club bandmate JON MOSS and his wife have split during an online chat with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

1st July 2008

Quote: "For the next few years I'll be out on the road, reminding people that I'm a musician, not a roadsweeper." Boy George insists he wants the public to focus on his music and not his personal problems.

16th June 2008

Fact: Former Culture Club frontman Boy George is to perform his first televised concert in a decade in New York next month (Jul08). The singer will play a solo show at Rockefeller Plaza - and the gig will be aired on U.S. television series THE TODAY SHOW.

18th January 2008

Quote: "I don't ever want to see a policeman again!" Former Culture Club singer Boy George is going to try avoiding trouble with the law in 2008.

4th March 2007

Quote: "I've got a new song criticising myself for being queen bitch and I'm going to try to heed my own advice." Outspoken singer Boy George promises to keep his thoughts to himself.

30th December 2006

Quote: "It is my New Year's resolution not to speak out about what I think about anyone else." Outspoken singer Boy George promises to keep his thoughts to himself in 2007.

8th December 2006

Fact: Former Culture Club frontman Boy George is to duet with himself on a new British TV show. The flamboyant star will perform hit Karma Chameleon with the help of state-of-the-art technology to sing with his 1980s self.

16th October 2006

Quote: "If you're a common-or-garden homosexual, then maybe, but not if you're a fag like I am. I'm not an Elton John type of gay. I'm not vanilla (into boring sex)." Former Culture Club singer Boy George doesn't count Sir Elton John as a gay role model.

7th September 2006

Quote: "I'll do London next, but I'll charge this time." Boy George contemplates extending his five-day community service street cleaning punishment in New York City in Britain.

21st February 2006

Quote: <p>"I'm dating an entire football team." Former Culture Club frontman Boy George makes an outrageous claim about his love life. </p>

21st February 2006

Quote: <p>"People used to cross the street when they saw me; when I became famous they wanted to be my friend. First it was, 'Freak!' and then it was, 'Oh hi.'" Boy George describes the amazing effect a hit record has. </p>

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