Boyzone insist there is no rivalry between them and One Direction.

The Irish boyband, who first rose to fame in 1993, claim they aren't worried about the 'Story of My Life' hitmakers stealing their fan base because their own music ''is more grown-up.''

Member Shane Lynch told Dubai's Ahlan! Magazine: ''One Direction are 20 years younger than we are and I hope they're still around in 20 years time, but our fans are very different to theirs. Boyzone have an incredible fan base which is built on a foundation, a solid rock.''

The 37-year-old singer, who is part of Boyzone with Keith Duffy, 39, Mikey Graham, 41, and Ronan Keating, 36, added: ''We don't compete with any of those youngsters anymore for number ones. We're a bunch of 40-year-old men and that's reflected in our music. It's more grown-up now and on our new album we have a sound we are proud of that reflects where we are today.''

The 'Love Will Save The Day' hitmaker thinks the band's new album, 'BZ20,' is their best to date.

He said: ''We basically recorded a whole lot of songs and put a load in the mix and picked out the best ones. It's still pop music, but we feel it's right for us.''