Boyzone are hunting for a new manager after music mogul Louis Walsh dropped the Irish boyband, according to a U.K. report.
Walsh, a judge on Britain's The X Factor, created the band in the early 1990s and they have sold more than 20 million records worldwide, despite a lengthy hiatus in the 2000s.
They made a comeback in 2007, but the band was hit by tragedy just two years later (09) when bandmember Stephen Gately died suddenly at his home in Majorca, Spain.
The band embarked on a tour, named Brother, earlier this year (11) but the trek was marred by low sales - and as a result, along with frontman Ronan Keating's affair with a dancer hitting headlines, Walsh has decided to drop the group from his roster, according to Britain's News of the World.
A source tells the publication, "Louis has told Boyzone they're finished. Ronan doesn't want to accept it but without Louis they have no chance. The affair changed everything for many fans. It destroyed the family-friendly image that made the band popular.
"They kept a diehard fanbase but the 'Brother' tour earlier this year wasn't a big success. Louis didn't bother seeing a single show. (They) just couldn't compete with the Take That comeback and lots of tickets weren't sold. So Louis decided it was the right time for the band to finish."