Kylie Minogue turned up in London on Tuesday night for the red carpet premiere of her new movie Holy Motors, which opens next week in the UK and next month in the US. A hit at Cannes, the film is a surreal masterpiece that really does your head in. And Kylie's great in it.

Brad Pitt


Dredd - Still

The big release in the US this weekend is Dredd, which isn't actually a remake of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone action romp. It's a completely reimagined thriller based on the same series of comics, a surprisingly intelligent blockbuster, and a rare 18-certificate film that topped the UK box office chart a couple of weeks back.


Meanwhile, this week's big release in Britain is Killing Them Softly, a sardonic 1970s-style hitman thriller that reunites Brad Pitt with Australian director Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James).

Pitt also had this week's top casting news, as it emerged that he will star in and produce a movie about the role computer company IBM played in helping the Nazi government. It's based on a book titled IBM and the Holocaust.

The Hobbit Still


But the biggest news of the week was the release of the hotly anticipated trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first part in the new trilogy from the makers of The Lord of the Rings. It looks like another sweeping epic, with a terrific cast and full-on effects. And we only have to wait until 14th December for the first film. Meanwhile, fans can visit the saga's official website and edit the trailer to have their favourite from five possible endings.

For those looking for a bit of escapism, a new trailer for the You May Not Kiss the Bride reveals a lively film that starts as a cute rom-com with Brothers & Sisters' Dave Annable and Smash's Katherine McPhee, then turns into a wacky action thriller with Vinnie Jones. It looks like fun, even with a worrying appearance from Rob Schneider. The film opens this weekend in America.

For more serious action, the independent British crime thriller Hard Boiled Sweets looks sleek and snappy as a group of low-life thugs and corrupt cops try to get their hands on a cash-filled briefcase. It stars a fresh-faced cast of newcomers plus veterans Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Ian Hart (Harry Potter). Following a limited theatrical run, the film arrives on video-on-demand next week.

Rich Cline