Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could star together in 'The Tiger'.

The pair previously worked together on 2005's 'Mr & Mrs Smith', but may be reunited in an adaptation of John Vaillant's upcoming novel according to screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga.

Although she has yet to officially sign, Arriaga mentions she may be working on the movie, which tells the tale of an animal activist who attempts to protect a small town in Siberia which is subject to an attack by a tiger.

Speaking to Spanish website - translated by The Playlist - he said: "These days I'm travelling to New York to lend clarity to the last detail, in November would be doing a tour of Siberia to check locations."

He then suggests Angelina could be involved in the shoot - which is due to begin in 2011.

Darren Aronofsky has been previously linked to direct the project, although he also has a number of other possible films lined up for next year - including 'Wolverine 2' with Hugh Jackman.

Angelina is currently filming her directorial debut in Eastern Europe, suggesting she would not be available to shoot until spring 2011 at the earliest.