Brad Pitt says there was a "beautiful symmetry" to reuniting with David Leitch for 'Bullet Train'.

Leitch was Pitt's stunt double on the 1999 movie 'Fight Club' so when he approached Brad to star in 'Bullet Train', which he directed, Brad, 58, jumped at the chance.

Pitt told The Hollywood Reporter: "He trained me for those fights and in a way he [was] helping me develop the character; now he’s a director with his own voice and own vernacular and I’m serving him, he’s the boss. So there was a beautiful symmetry for two old friends."

The movie features a Japanese bullet train full of assassins, with Brad playing retired hitman Ladybug, and he admitted his character is "the chump" of the film.

He said: "He's the chump of the movie, it’s fair to say, and he’s been on hiatus and he’s just coming back in the game and trying to do things. He’s had a little bit of therapy, read a self-help book and had a few epiphanies and he’s going to try to find a win-win with these sociopaths."

And Leitch is excited for people to see a new side to Pitt.

He explained: "I think people hadn’t seen Brad like this in a long time, maybe ever. He was dying to do comedy and when we sent him this script I think he responded and saw the things that we saw in it. It has great characters, especially [his character] Ladybug. He was laughing halfway through it and said, ‘I can do this. Leichty let’s do it. Leitchy let’s do it!'”