Not only did True Detective’s anthology format benefit the show’s plot – opening it and closing it within 8 episodes allowed for some succinct storytelling – but it also raises many questions about the second season, like who’ll replace central stars Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson. And according to Hollywood Life, Brad Pitt’s name has been mentioned a few times.

Matthew McConaugheyWill Brad Pitt be looking to replicate Matthew McConaughey's great small screen success?

If McConaughey and Harrelson were surprise-casting choices given their well-established movie careers, then Pitt’s name is a real shock. Consistently associated with the ‘A-list’, it’s testament to the burgeoning power of the small screen that he should be linked to it. For those late to the TV party, that is. “Brad’s name has come up many times, it’s just a matter of what his other commitments are,” an insider told the gossip site.

“It’s the show everyone wants to be on, because the writing and the roles are just so exquisite and complex. Brad has tight relations with HBO — he teamed up with Ryan Murphy last year to produce the HBO movie The Normal Heart. I know everyone would be thrilled to have him onboard.”

Season 1 saw (spoilers ahead) Rust Cohle and Martin Hart unravel a serial killer/paedophile’s 17-year horror story after originally ‘solving’ a murder mystery, only to find the trail runs far deeper than they had initially thought. The trail would lead to Cohle leaving the police force and carrying on his investigations ‘vigilante style’, eventually enlisting Hart to finish off the job they started nearly two decades ago.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaugheyWoody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey's relationship was explored in season 1

We already know that Pizzolatto is planning on exploring "hard women," "bad men" and the "secret occult history of the American transport system” in season 2, and we can't wait to see where he goes with that.

But the murder mystery detective story wasn’t the show’s central theme. Pizzolato’s script delved into psychoanalysis, spirituality, philosophy, family values and geographical deprivation as well as a police force beset by its intrinsic bureaucracy. It created one of the most talk-about characters in Rustin Cohle (masterfully played by McConaughey) and put both Pizzolato and Cary Fukunaga (the director, responsible for that magical scene) on the map, so to speak.

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