If you weren't already looking forward to the upcoming Brad Pitt film, World War Z, then the Super Bowl teaser trailer may be enough to change your mind. And what if you're not into American football? Good news because it has gone viral a day early!

As are the perks of living in the internet age, things tend to emerge a little earlier than initially promised and the newest sneak peak into the much-anticipated zombie flick is just the latest example of this rule. In it, we begin with a rather serene look at the everyday occurrence that is a New York City traffic jam, and then all hell breaks loose as the zombie apocalypse takes hold. There's guns, plummeting population numbers and barely any close glimpse of the zombies, but plenty of shoots of the mass scale of the undead now dominating the Earth.

With Marc Forster attached as director, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale take up the rest of the lead roles for the film, which is unleashed in cinemas on June 21. The film sees Pitt star as Gerry Lane, a UN employee called upon as society falls apart and he begins his race against time to help prevent the zombie menace overtaking the globe before human civilization collapses completely. 

The full, new trailer is available to watch at Apple, you can watch the original trailer below.