Bradley Cooper wishes he could be sick more.

The 'Hangover' actor claims while very few things make him feel nauseous, he would prefer it if he was able to clear out his insides, as he thinks it is bad for him not to vomit.

He said: "I have a lead stomach. It's not good.

"When I used to drink, the worst thing is that you don't actually throw up sometimes. I don't easily throw up."

Bradley, 36, recently worked with Robert DeNiro on new movie 'Limitless' and the actor explained shooting the movie in his home town of Philadelphia made him fall in love with his childhood Haunts once again.

He added: "When I came back, I really fell in love with the place. Growing up, I never loved it.

"I loved it because my mum and dad came from there and their parents were fireman and policeman, so I had a lot of pride for Philly. But it was a violent city when I grew up. At least I felt the violence - I always felt you could get into trouble when you went out at night as a teenager."